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Check out the progress on my prototype car.

Check Out the Classic Up-date Chassis, make your 55, 56 or 57 Chevy handle like a Corvette...


All new 57 Chevy Convertible

We can build you one!


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56 F100 Project


New 55 Convertible body seen first at SEMA 2007   Now Available.

I can't wait for our first new body to arrive, it's like a dream come true.




[Under Construction]

GM Cars Corporate Website


Want to find out more about the 1957 Chevy Convertible body go to:


Want to see more pictures of the 56 F100 Click Here!




Check Out Jay's Garage, really cool stuff!            

 New Sheet Metal Arrives  

 Z06 Wheel with Bel Air Knock Off

Classic Styling

21st Century Technology

"When just looking good isn't enough!"

Close your eyes and imagine your driving a new Corvette, now open them and notice your in a 57 Chevy 4 door station wagon.  We figured it out, how to make the best looking classics drive like the best handling American production car in the world...

And now you can own one!

55, 56, 57 Chevy Frame with C-4 Corvette Suspension

The Shop...

Four Wheel Disc Brakes and Fully Independent Rear Suspension!


Dana 36 and Dana 44 Rear Ends with your choice of Gear Ratio's.


Click on thumbnail to see full size

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Install LS2, add accessories, AC bracket and Mock up Battery Power Box and AC Lines.

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Mock-up Be Cool radiator w/double puller fans and install Street and Performance fuel line.

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The Nomad comes apart with no real surprises, it's in pretty good shape but it will require lots of new sheet metal before it gets any paint.

Remove body and start to replace Floors, Cross Members Door Skins and right Quarter Panel.

DSC06821.JPG (609402 bytes) DSC07364.JPG (573525 bytes) DSC07596.JPG (578982 bytes) DSC07594.JPG (583657 bytes) DSC07608.JPG (594494 bytes)

DP-50 body and install Clutch Master Cylinder, Headers and new 2 1/2" Exhaust System.

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Test fit body on the new frame for the first time fits great and I love the stance, it will get

lower when all the weight's in the car, can't wait.



Click here to see more pictures of the prototype under construction...

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